Traditional CRASH

Traditional CRASH

658 lei
Comandă - Traditional CRASH

Introduceți adresa, numele și prenumele, denumirea firmei, CUI, etc.

Introduceți adresa, numele și prenumele, denumirea firmei și un număr de telefon.


Cinel Istanbul Mehmet PAPER THIN CRASH
Fast response, fast decay, high pitch, splashy.
Cinel Istanbul Mehmet THIN CRASH
Bright, high pitch sound and clear projection.
Cinel Istanbul Mehmet MEDIUM CRASH
Full bodied sound with higher pitch, longer sustain.
Cinel Istanbul Mehmet HEAVY CRASH
Bright, punchy and powerful, for loud music.


Istanbul Mehmet Traditional CR14 - 119 Euro

Istanbul Mehmet Traditional CR15 - 141 Euro

Istanbul Mehmet Traditional CR16 - 146 Euro

Istanbul Mehmet Traditional CR17 - 163 Euro

Istanbul Mehmet Traditional CR18 - 174 Euro

Istanbul Mehmet Traditional CR19 - 201 Euro


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