Red Repeat

Red Repeat

490 lei
Comandă - Red Repeat

Introduceți adresa, numele și prenumele, denumirea firmei, CUI, etc.

Introduceți adresa, numele și prenumele, denumirea firmei și un număr de telefon.


Pedala analogica de delay, incastrata intr-o cutie metalica cu aspect vintage, cu mai multe tipuri de delay.

Butoane de control Tone / Repeat / Echo / Time.

Based on the infamous Carl Martin Delayla, the 'Red Repeat' provides an affordable 600 milliseconds of delay as well as a simply controlled echo. Add just a touch of delay to thicken your sound, or push the repeat circuit past 12o'clock where the unit begins to self-oscillate, just like an old analog delay. Great vintage style and colour in a heavy diecast, 9 volt pedal with heavy duty bypass switching.

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